We work from our European office on the Mediterranean, a region known wordwide for it's fine wines and exceptional culinary talent and cuisine. Our convenient location in the South of France, midway between Italy and Spain, allows us to personally select exciting new products from among some of the finest food and wine producers in Europe.

We are proud to introduce our new line, «Conte & Farandole», an exciting new selection of hors d'oeuvres, sauces, and salsas inspired by the healthy Mediterranean style of cooking.

Using only the finest, all-natural ingredients found in the Mediterranean diet, these delicious products give the home chef a head start to preparing gourmet meals.

Solange de France develops and markets premium food and wine brands. Founded in 1998, we combine our experience in product branding, knowledge of marketing and our understanding of the food and wine industry, to develop global premium brands from our European office.

Our discriminating eye for exciting brands enables us to seek out quality products that match current trends, and meet the expectations of today's educated consumer. Through an ongoing analysis of the retail marketplace, consumer insights and competitive intelligence, we identify and develop brands targeted to premium retailers worldwide.

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